25 Feb

Spring Data REST and JPA Example

This project depicts the Spring Boot Example with Spring Data REST and JPA Example


This Project shows the list of Users which are stored in the In-Memory H2 Database. Using the following endpoints, different operations can be achieved:

  • /users – This returns the list of Users in the Users table which is created in H2
  • /users/name/{name} – This returns the details of the Users passed in URL
  • /users/load – Add new users using the Users model. eg. { "name": "Ajay", "teamName": "Development", "salary": 100 }

Libraries used

  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Configuration
  • Spring REST Controller
  • Spring JPA
  • H2
  • Development Tools

Git 2.10.0

  • IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2.4

Compilation Command

  • mvn clean install – Plain maven clean and install